Pozvánka na přednášku v rámci Scientific days at CZU

Oddělení VaV rektorátu Vás srdečně zve na přednášku Building a Scientific Program to Increase Our Collective Understanding of Animal Movement! v rámci Scientific days at CZU, která bude přednesena Dr. Jaredem Stabachem z Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s Conservation Ecology Center (CEC) dne 19. 11. 2019 v posluchárně All (Fakulta agrobiologie, potravinových a přírodních zdrojů) ve 14 hodin.


Dr. Jaredem Stabach

Jared is an Ecologist at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s Conservation Ecology Center (CEC) and the Program Coordinator for the Smithsonian’s Movement of Life Initiative.  His research focuses on the factors that affect the abundance, distribution, and movement patterns of large terrestrial mammals, incorporating emerging technologies, such as unmanned aerial systems, GPS tracking collars, and high resolution imagery, to better understand and monitor changes occurring across our planet.  Since joining the CEC as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2015, he has worked on large collaborative teams to reintroduce scimitar-horned oryx, evaluated the factors influencing the occurrence of critically endangered addax, and co-authored scientific research focused on developing solutions to conservation challenges.  He is currently developing a scientific partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to provide an increased understanding of the factors leading to the rapid decline of giraffe populations across Africa and continues to focus on the migration of white-bearded wildebeest, one of earth’s greatest natural phenomena.  He serves as a scientific advisor on IUCN’s Antelope Specialist Group, the Sahara-Sahel Interest Group, and is a current member of the Smithsonian Animal Care and Use (ACUC) Research Subcommittee.

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