TRACER - Smart strategies for the transition in coal intensive regions

Název projektu: Smart strategies for the transition in coal intensive regions (TRACER)
Řešitel: Ing. Markéta Hendrychová, Ph.D. (FŽP)
Poskytovatel: Evropská komise
Program: Horizont 2020
Doba řešení: 2019 - 2022
Typ akce: Coordination and support action (CSA)
Role ČZU v projektu: partner
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The overall objective of TRACER is to support a number of coal-intensive regions around Europe to design (or re-design) their Research and Innovation (R&I) strategies in order to facilitate their transition towards a sustainable energy system. TRACER consortium partners have been carefully selected to involve organisations with complementary expertise and excellent long-term collaboration contacts with key public and private stakeholders of important coal intensive regions, proven by 40 Letters of Support provided during proposal preparation. Good geographical coverage among countries and regions with high dependence on coal production and use has been ensured through the inclusion of seven target regions in EU Members States (South East Bulgaria, North West Bohemia - Czech Republic, Lusatian Lignite District - Germany, West Macedonia - Greece, Upper Silesian Coalfield - Poland, West Romania, Wales - UK), and two in countries outside the EU (Kolubara - Serbia, Donetsk - Ukraine). Core activities of TRACER include the Implementation of an EDP (Entrepreneurial Discovery Process) to mobilise a wide range of stakeholders in each target region to develop an appropriate governance structure and to bring regional stakeholders together to discuss and agree on a shared vision and priorities for coal transition. R&I strategies, industrial roadmaps and decision support tools will be developed jointly with key stakeholders of the TRACER target regions. Further TRACER activities include the identification and analysis of best practice examples of successful and ambitious transition processes in coal intensive regions, a detailed assessment of social, environmental and technological challenges, the elaboration of guidelines on how to mobilise investment as well as dedicated activities to stimulate R&I cooperation among coal intensive regions in Europe and beyond.