CULS winning a strategic project supporting excellent research

In November, the CULS’ Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences succeeded with its EVA 4.0 project in one of the key national competitions for support of excellent research, having taken the 5th place among 130 competing project proposals evaluated on a two-stage basis.

The whole project name is Excellent Research Supporting Adaptation of Forestry and Wood Sciences to Global Change and 4th Industrial Revolution. The project will be carried out over a period of 5 years and coordinated personally by the faculty Dean prof. Marek Turčáni, who also significantly contributed to the project proposal. The project co-funded from the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education (OP RDE) has the objective of building an Excellent Research Centre focused on significant scientific issues pursued at the faculty. In this spirit, the project will be divided into three main thematic areas of biology, forestry and wood sciences.

Establishing of the excellence centre will further intensify the high quality scientific activities at the faculty. Working on outstanding scientific publications will be substantially expanded, and they will be then able to reach the best world’s scientific journals. The project will involve setting up a large research team of fifty scientists with participation of excellent international and national experts under direction of the American professor and leading USDA[1] researcher Andrew Liebhold. The project results will be supervised by the project scientific council with globally acknowledged experts in the field as members.

The faculty’s research infrastructure will be substantially enhanced, too. Investment into infrastructure at CZK 130 million is expected for the project. Another CZK 227 million are intended for project activities and its research teams. The overall project budget thus exceeds CZK 350 million over five years. The management of both CULS and its Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences believe the project is a strategically significant step in faculty’s growth towards the Central European and even European top class.

[1] United States Department of Agriculture