A meeting of the CZU International Scientific Board took place

A CZUInternational Advisory Board meeting took place on Tuesday, 7th December.

This board is established as an advisory body to the Rector and the CZU Internal Evaluation Board to assess the strategic goals, vision, and mission of CZU, especially in educational, creative, and related activities, and evaluating their quality. The board, composed of internationally recognized experts with high scientific and moral credit, brings an international perspective to the university environment. Individual board members give the university management valuable feedback reflecting current trends, international comparisons, and standards imposed on higher education institutions. The board's chairperson is Prof. Bill Hansson of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology. Prof. Hansson is one of the world's leading scientists in chemical ecology and insect neurology, insect communication processes at the functional level of genes, and insect proteomics. Since the end of the 1980s, he has been conducting innovative long-term research at the highest level and has extensive experience in evaluating universities in the field of international operations. Vice-Rector for Quality of Academic Activities Doc. Valášek summarizes the course of the meeting: "The position of CZU in relation to Czech and European universities in terms of the quality of publishing and, more generally, creative activities were discussed, where we have done a lot of work in recent years, and the board members have unanimously supported the university management's efforts to excellence." Ensuring the quality of teaching during pandemic measures was also a big topic of the meeting. "The CZU's approach to teaching and to ensuring the quality of teaching during a pandemic was perceived very responsibly in the eyes of the board members," adds Vice-Rector Valášek.

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