Ambassador of India's visit to CZU

On 7th December 2021, the Ambassador of the Republic of India, Mr. Hemant Harishchandra Kotalwar, visited our university. Over 300 students from India who are currently studying at CZU were the main reason for his stay with us. Therefore, he met some of them. They discussed what the embassy could help them with, and vice versa, how students from India could promote their country at CZU, in Prague, and the Czech Republic. This meeting showed various possibilities for internationalization development, in which Indian students would significantly participate in their activities (e.g., cultural programs). In addition to this meeting, the Ambassador met with the CZU Rector at the beginning of his visit, who informed him about CZU. During the meeting, the Ambassador showed that he knows the history of our university (even from the First Republic) very well. The Ambassador could confirm the Rector's words about the current CZU through a tour of some faculties (FEM, FE). The visit showed that it was not a formal meeting but an effort to help create conditions that would benefit everyone working at CZU.

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