Minister of Agriculture Awards for Outstanding Master´s Theses 2024

As part of the Faculty of Economics and Management graduation ceremony, the Minister of Agriculture Award was presented for an excellent Master´s thesis contributing to practice in agriculture, nature conservation, landscape, and natural resources. One work from each faculty was awarded.

The award was handed over on behalf of the minister by senior director Ing. Pavel Sekáč, Ph.D., and the rector of CZU, Prof. Peter Sklenička, on 17th June 2024.

The awardees for this academic year were:

Faculty of Economics and Management

Ing. Jiří Vacek

Thesis topic: The impact of climate change on wheat yield in the Czech Republic – an econometric analysis of panel data

Thesis supervisor: Prof. Ing. Lukáš Čechura, Ph.D.

Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources

Ing. Natálie Čáslavská 

Thesis topic: The effect of the inclusion of herbs on the yield, quality, and pre-crop value of forage mixtures

Thesis supervisor: Prof. Ing. Josef Hakl, Ph.D.

Faculty of Engineering

Ing. Ondřej Blecha 

Thesis topic: Comparison of biphasic and monophasic harvesting of field crops and impact on yield and quality of production  

Thesis supervisor: Doc. Ing. Milan Kroulík, Ph.D.

Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences

Ing. Michal Neugebauer 

Thesis topic: Identification of biologically active host substances for the crustacean Taphrorychus bicolor  

Thesis supervisor: Ing. Roman Modlinger, Ph.D.

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Ing. Simona Turková 

Thesis topic: Non-native species of plants along railways in the Czech Republic   

Thesis supervisor: Ing. Jan Pergl, Ph.D.

Faculty  of Tropical AgriSciences

Ing. Dumitru-Claudiu Sănduă 

Thesis topic: Why people buy food directly from farmers: Case study from Moldova

Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. Miroslava Bavorová, Ph.D.

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