Ceremonial opening of the construction of the Education Centre for Agricultural Product Processing

CZU will have a unique Educational Centre for Agricultural Product Processing at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources. The construction of the Food Pavilion was started by the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Miroslav Toman.

The laying of the foundation stone and the associated ceremonial opening of the construction also took place in the presence of the President of the Food Chamber, Ms Dana Večeřová, the Rector of CZU, prof. Petr Sklenička and the Dean of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, prof. Iva Langrová.

The Educational Centre for Processing Agricultural Products, whose implementation was financially supported by the European Union, is a unique project in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Its uniqueness lies mainly in the fact that it combines real production facilities, such as meat, dairy, bakery, brewing or cider production.

"Thanks to the new Food Pavilion, students will be able to supplement the theory with much-needed practice. The Food Pavilion will allow them not only to observe but also to actively participate in the production process. This is a key factor for the employability of the graduates. We need educated professionals who understand modern technology and are interested in further developing of their knowledge," said Minister of Agriculture, Miroslav Toman at the ceremony.

The building is designed so that students, in addition to learning in classrooms, can observe the production process and also directly participate in the production under full capacity operation. As confirmed by prof. Ing. Roman Stupka, CSc., chief project coordinator and vice-dean of FAFNR, “such an approach is impossible in a regular food business. Students have only a very limited opportunity to get acquainted with production technologies in real operation."

The operation of such a centre will enable students to get to know the whole chain of food processing, from the production of individual raw materials, through their technological processing to their use in gastronomy, and last but not least, the evaluation of food by nutritionists in terms of their nutritional value. "The new building and its equipment will significantly enrich the teaching of experts at the Czech University of Life Sciences and increase the employability of our students on the labour market," sums up the Dean of FAFNR, prof. Ing. Iva Langrova, CSc.

Teaching at the Food Pavilion is planned to begin in May 2022.

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