CZU improved its position among universities from CZ in the international THE ranking

The prestigious international Time Higher Education (THE) university ranking published a new ranking of universities in October. This is based on the evaluation of 13 performance indicators that cover the entire spectrum of key areas of operation of top universities: education, research, knowledge transfer, and the international environment at the evaluated universities. In addition, in the so-called university reputation survey, more than 22,000 top academics provided their views on quality (separately for education and research).

So how is CZU doing? The answer to this question is best described by comparison with last year. Last year, THE ranking (THE 2022) included almost 1,500 universities. This year, there were already almost 1,800 universities (THE 2023). Like the previous year, CZU ranks between 1,001st and 1,200th place worldwide. However, when it comes to placement within the Czech Republic, a shift upward is already visible. While CZU shared a joint 5th place (with CTU and UWB) last year, it is already in a 4th place (only UK, MUNI and USB are ahead of CZU). In the category of the 1001st-1200th place instead, only two universities represent the Czech Republic – CZU and Palacký University. Another eight universities from our country are in the 1,201st-1,500th place category in the world, and another 5 are in the 1,500+ category. From the point of view of individual evaluated areas, CZU recorded the best result in the field of international environment (330th place out of 1,799 evaluated universities). The least successful was our university in terms of education (approx. 1,450th place out of 1,799 evaluated universities).

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