CZU Prague report in connection with the admission procedure

The organization and course of the admission procedure, including the conditions for admission to study, are determined at individual CZU faculties in the form of a Dean's Order. In accordance with the Act on Higher Education Institutions, these conditions were announced before the end of 2021, i.e., before the war in Ukraine. Due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, there was a fundamental violation of international law, which resulted in the adoption of sanction measures by the European Union (EU) authorities.

CZU is now bound by the obligation to respect these sanction measures, which include the provision of direct or indirect technical assistance. The university has therefore adopted additional criteria for admission procedures, which emphasize the need to comply with these sanctions measures of the EU institutions. These sanctions could also be violated by transferring knowledge and skills in defined areas to individuals from at-risk countries during their studies. Therefore, critical study programs were selected by individual faculties, where applicants from countries against which the European Union has adopted sanction measures should not be admitted.

In no case is this a general measure. Each candidate must be assessed individually. CZU fundamentally rejects the fact that this approach should be interpreted as targeted discrimination, as it is a procedure that is entirely in line with the sanction measures adopted by the EU institutions, which are binding on the Czech Republic and, therefore, on us.

The admission procedure is not currently closed, so it is impossible to comment on it or evaluate it in any way. Unaccepted students may file an appeal against a possible decision of not being admitted to study within the legal deadline.

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