Disinfection gate and temperature measurement at CZU. We do our utmost to prevent the spread of COVID-19

In the vestibule of the Rectorate building, we placed a gate with a disinfection function and non-contact temperature measurement. We are trying, together with other measures, to add another level of disease prevention and minimise the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing Covid-19.

The disinfection gate can be used by all employees, students and visitors of the university, if they would like to.

We are very pleased that, thanks to the cooperation with Protectorgate https://www.protectorgate.cz/ and ALPHAMEDIA, which provided the CZU with a free disinfection gate, we were able to join the institutions that use similar equipment and thus effectively contribute to the elimination of the spread of infections. "Great gratitude goes to our graduate Ing. Pavel Feigl, who came up with the idea of such generous sponsorship of his alma mater. It is a beautiful example of cooperation with our graduates, "said CZU Rector Petr Sklenička.

Disinfection is gentle using nano-fog and spray, it does not damage clothes. It is also suitable for children.

We will be very happy if you use this device in this challenging situation. For your information, here are the details on how the measurement and disinfection takes place.

Temperature measurement:

There is a digital terminal in the frame which is controlled by face recognition. It detects human body temperature with an accuracy of 0.2 °C, in the range of 25 °C - 45 °C. If the human body temperature is higher than 37.3 °C, an audible signal indicates the state. The measurement and detection result will take effect within 1 second.


Step 1

Special contactless alcohol sterilizer disinfects the hands with a contactless spray, which is not only very effective, but also hygienic and safe.

 Step 2

Intelligent food grade disinfection.

Rapid elimination of the virus in the disinfection area.

Food grade disinfection kills viruses and bacteria very effectively.

Nano-fog without manual control.

Step 3

Disinfection of footwear

A panel placed on the floor with disinfection carpets disinfects the soles of shoes from viruses and bacteria.

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