In the prestigious ranking of the most cited scientists of Stanford University and the Elsevier Global TOP 2% ranking, 23 colleagues are from CZU

In the current version of the world database of 2% of the most cited scientists (Stanford University Scientist Rankings), 23 colleagues are from CZU. Among them, prof. Vymazal ranked the best. A total of 22 research areas are monitored. Congratulations.

CZU scientists are listed in the databases in alphabetical order:

Burda, Hynek 
Hassan, Sherif T.S.
Hubert, Jan
Kokoska, Ladislav
Komárek, Michael
Konôpka, Bohdan
Kyselý, Jan
Lachman, Jaromír
Makrlík, Emanuel
Mishra, Rajesh
Morelli, Federico
Muller, Miroslav
Rocchini, Duccio
Sales, James
Schlyter, Fredrik
Sklenička, Petr
Svoboda, Miroslav
Šálek, Miroslav
Tlustoš, Pavel
Vacek, Stanislav
Vacek, Zdeněk
Valášek, Petr
Vymazal, Jan


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