Information for incoming students

We are very happy that you have chosen CZU Prague as your future university. The global pandemic has complicated the situation for international students. Despite it all, we would like to assure you that we are adapting to the given circumstances and are ready for the upcoming academic year.

We hope it will be possible for all students to begin the fall semester on our beautiful campus. We are in touch with the relevant ministries, hoping to receive good news regarding opening the borders for incoming students. At the moment, May 18th should be the date when consular sections of the majority of Czech Embassies will offer their services again. If that is not yet the case and you are unable to arrive on time for the beginning of the semester, we are prepared to start the semester in a contactless form via online courses.

CZU Prague has shown great professionalism and compassion during these unprecedented times.  Volunteers amongst both our employees and students have been sewing and distributing face masks as well as disinfectants to hospitals. The ProLab Team at the Faculty of Engineering developed a mask for a 3D printer to help contain the spread of the disease. The laboratories of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences have been used by the Hanke project, which makes disinfectant for those in need. The Faculty of Economics and Management has joined the Rosetta@home project and became involved in researching a precise model of COVID-19 proteins. The high-performance station of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences is being used for conducting research to find new medications for COVID-19 and other diseases.

The university has secured a large volume of disinfectants for students and employees. We can assure you that we are taking care of your safety around campus. In the Czech Republic, it is also obligatory to wear a face mask which has been proven to help to slow down the spread of the virus. Czechia was again proven to be a very safe country, being highly praised for the measures it took during the pandemic. Watch more about the “I protect you, you protect me” concept.

We will keep you updated once we receive further information on the regulations and status of the state of emergency.Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your faculty coordinator.

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