Pinot Blanc 2018 grown in the Czech University of Life Sciences vineyard is the best wine of Bohemia

The Pinot Blanc 2018, late harvest wine grown in Chloumek by Mělník, is the champion among 135 brands enlisted in this year´s Bohemia National Competition of Wines. The vineyard owned by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague has been managed for 18 years by the head of the Viticulture Center Štěpán Weitosch.

Petr Sklenička, rector of the Czech University of Life Sciences says: “I appreciate the success of the Mělník Viticulture Center. Its products have a good rating in our country as well as abroad, which enhances good name of our university. Our wine is popular among customers, not to mention the advantage it brings to our students. They may have a good practice there, get a guide to their future career and make themselves sure about the cost of success based on a hard work.” A good quality standard of wine is carefully watched over by the head of the Viticulture Center, Štěpán Weitosch. The collection of trophies hanging on the walls of the historical building has been enriched by a new one. “This is the best appreciation a wine of the Bohemian region might ever obtain. This year´s success makes me happy twice as much for being confirmation of the last year´s victory in the National Wine Competition, where we gained the title of champion for the Gewürztraminer 2015,” Štěpán Weitosch explains.

The quality of products coming from the Chloumek vineyard obtains the best rating at home and abroad. In the Wine Saloon, which is the most prestigious competition of viticulture in the Czech Republic, it has been one of the best for years. In 2017, Müller Thurgau was awarded silver medal in a competition held in Southern Tyrol.


Mělník-Chloumek Viticulture Centre

The historical building in Chloumek was acquired by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague in 1980 and very soon wine growing was restored in the region. The best clones of grapevine were imported from Europe, especially from Germany. The center grows grapes and fruit on the area of about 13 hectares. Currently ten brands of wine are produced prevailing Pinot Blanc, this year´s winner of the National Competition of Wines.

Wine is produced in a traditional way – grapes are processed as fast as possible. Cider is fermented at a temperature of 18°C. High-grade ferments are used. Aging of wine takes place in the lager cellar. The result is a natural, varietal quality and predicate wine with minimal chemical treatment. White varieties prevail over the blue ones.

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