Prague Science Film Fest at CZU

Fascinating stories from the world of nature and original narrative forms will be offered by the Prague Science Film Fest (PSFF), which takes place from 10th to 13 th October 2022 on the campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) and is accessible free of charge. The films will introduce viewers to teams of top scientists and documentarians from around the world. Not only students and staff but also school groups and the general public are invited.

A remarkable relationship between people and rivers. A landscape that is rapidly changing its face. Close-up portrait of the Holstein cow named Luma. An original analysis of the trajectories of plastics in the seas and oceans. Documentary makers seek a deeper understanding of nature as a whole and offer viewers a variety of processing methods. "In the competition selection, the audience will certainly be surprised by the variety of pictures. From last year, there is a continuous focus on natural sciences. The aim of this year is to try to understand the role of people in the landscape and imagine how it would look without them," invited Zdeněk Rychtera, head of the programme, to the festival.

The festival brings the best of popular science films from the last two years. Their presentation is exclusive within the festival, given that cinemas do not normally offer them to the audience. An integral part of most screenings will be introductions and subsequent debates with guests. "The Australian film River, which is a cinematic and musical odyssey that explores the remarkable relationship between people and rivers, is definitely worth paying attention to. The voice guide is the famous actor Willem Dafoe. The American film Hidden Apocalypse (The Invisible Extinction) is a bold testimony of the threat to humanity and the invisible extinction of healthy bacteria in our body. The only Czech film in the competition is Budiž voda! (Let Be Water!), which is an unprecedented Czech project for extracting water from the air," revealed the playwright.

Thirteen of the best films from nine hundred submitted documents made it to the competition. Viewers can also look forward to a selection of films from the last year of the renowned Academia Film Olomouc (AFO) festival, organized by Palacky University Olomouc (UPOL).

The festival management will award the Grand Prize to the winning film, which the jury will select both from the competition of the last year of AFO and from the main competition at CZU. This prize comes with a cash prize of US$10,000.

"Every film festival brings an exceptional, great atmosphere to its venues, and PSFF is no different. We are pleased that, in addition to the cultural experience thanks to the festival, we can also familiarize the audience with current topics and problems that the whole world has been dealing with in recent years. We consider this film festival to be an important part of our role in sharing scientific knowledge with the general public in a popular science form." adds Karla Mráčková, CZU press spokesperson.

The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague has organized a festival on its campus since 2011 under the name Life Sciences Film Festival and later CZU Film Fest. In 2020, it merged with Olomouc University, on whose grounds the successful international popular science film festival Academia Film Olomouc has been held since 1966.

Detailed information about the festival is at

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