Students will clean up the CZU campus on Earth Day 2021

Students from the association Pupen z.s. decided to thoroughly clean the CZU campus of rubbish and cigarette butts on Earth Day on 22 April 2021. They also encourage other students and staff to do this voluntary activity. The students are aware of the importance of environmental protection and therefore decided to organize a cleaning day on the CZU campus on Earth Day when this topic is supported worldwide. Despite ongoing measures against the Covid 19 pandemic, they have arranged everything necessary for the event to take place. In front of the Canteen building, rubberized gloves, garbage bags and a schedule of possible routes will be available for volunteers who will be able to take them individually. The plan is to collect garbage around the athletic oval, near the dormitories, in the smoking areas and in the peripheral areas of the CZU campus.

Everyone who gets involved and takes pictures of their work will be rewarded!

Link to the event and information here.

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