The Prague Science Film Fest will bring the best scientific documentaries to Prague

The Prague Science Film Fest, an international festival of science documentary films taking place in Prague from October 18 to 22, will introduce spectators to teams of top scientists and adventurers from around the world. Visitors will get to know the authentic life of the natives in the forests, understand the language of whales, hear the rare owl, and discover places they would never have looked at without filmmakers. The debates with important guests will complement captivating documents. The contest of scientific documents is organized by the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) and Palacký University Olomouc (UPOL).

Seventeen of the best films, which deal with issues such as global warming with actor Richard Gere, an expedition to Patagonia, the life of alpine gorillas, or the public enemy number one - gluten, made it to the main competition.

An exciting testimony will also be a documentary by the traveler and fisherman Jakub Vágner, capturing the loss of the cultural heritage of the Amazon rainforest tribes. The director wonders, how long can tribes resist the interventions of modern civilization?

"Viewers can also look forward to a selection of the best films from the last two years of the renowned Academia Film Olomouc (AFO) festival, which they could only see online due to the coronavirus pandemic. An integral part of most screenings will be commented introductions and subsequent debates of guests from the ranks of filmmakers, scientists from abroad, and Czech universities, " Jakub Ráliš from the University of Olomouc invited to the program.

The festival management will present the Grand Prize to the winning film, which the jury will select from the competition of this year’s AFO and the main competition at CZU. This award is associated with a financial reward of 10,000 US dollars. "The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague wants to bring together film professionals, scientists, students, and the public to raise awareness of important topics related to natural sciences, sustainable living on our planet, and the importance of interdisciplinary research," said CZU Bursar Jakub Kleindienst.

The festival will take place in the Ceremony hall on the CZU campus where screenings will be free of charge (based on previous registration), and cinemas in Prague Edison Filmhub and Přítomnost, Tickets will be available on the Goout network for screenings in the cinemas. Detailed information about the festival at

The Czech University of Life Sciences has been organizing the festival at its university campus since 2011, under the name Life Sciences Film Festival and later the CZU Film Fest. Last year, it merged with the University of Olomouc, where a successful international festival of science documentary films Academia Film Olomouc has been held since 1966.

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