The university campus comes alive with Christmas markets

This year's Advent is in full swing, and the third Advent Sunday is fast approaching. This signals that it is high time for most of us to start preparations for the most beautiful holidays of the year. The Christmas markets on the CZU campus will help you solve the procurement of traditional attributes and symbols of Christmas. We believe you will also enjoy a pleasant and peaceful Advent atmosphere.

The Christmas market will offer (13th – 16th December 2022):

  • Christmas decorations, candlesticks and mistletoe from CZU Horticulture
  • Mělník wine and hot wine from the production of the CZU Winery
  • Sausage products from the FAPPZ Food Pavilion (sausages, white pudding, Christmas salami, smoked pâté or wine sausage)
  • Bakery products from the FAPPZ Food Pavilion (sourdough bread, cakes and Christmas cookies)
  • Chili sauces, dried and pickled chili peppers, and marmalades from Palíto produced by Point One
  • Mexican street food to warm you up – Quesadilla, Nachos, Mexican soup from Palíto Point One


Sale of Christmas trees (13th – 23rd December 2022):

Come and choose from a rich selection of trees from forest nurseries or prunings of the CZU Forest Establishment at Kostelec nad Černými lesy, which will make room for new trees and, as a bonus, make your home more pleasant during the Christmas holidays. The prices listed below are for one piece regardless of tree height (1.2-2.5m):

silver spruce: CZK 399

pine: CZK 399

fir tree: CZK 679

Traditional sale of carp from the university's Jevany pond (21st – 23rd December 2022)

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