Eighth annual Life Science Film Festival coming soon to the Czech University of Life Sciences

The eighth annual Life Sciences Film Festival, an international festival of documentary films, will this year bring you films you will not see anywhere else: “Living in the Future's Past”, with Jeff Bridges, “The Gateway Bug”, on the rather "revolting” food of the future, “Fermented”, about fermentation as something of a red-hot culinary trend, and the fascinating Czech documentary “The Ark of Light and Shadows”, about the beginnings of discovering of Africa on film.

So, what subjects is this year’s Life Sciences Film Festival dealing with? For example:

  • Drought or floods? Where lies the key to sustainable cohabitation with soil and nature? Many of the procedures used in modern agriculture are reaching their limits. Perhaps they even play a part in climate change. We need to search for the great solutions within the small, local context. (“Desolation Follows”, “Grassroots”, “In Our Hands – Seeding Change”)
  • Microbes and fungi – Witnesses of the very birth of life whose world has accompanied the evolution of all that lives to this day. What if we are able to cure cancer with them, for example, or deal with the problem of decomposing waste? (“The Kingdom a– How Fungi Made Our World”)
  • New technology, intelligent robots, emotions: Robots help in industry and agriculture. Where do humans find their place in all this? (“Homo digitalis”, “More Human Than Human”)
  • Sometimes there are too many insects, sometimes not enough… The tales of the bark beetle, bee or cricket. (“World Without Insects”, “Children of the Sun: Wild Bees”, “The Gateway Bug”)
  • The poisoned world: The textile industry is destroying rivers in Indonesia, Europe is poisoning itself with receipts and plastics. How to find a way out of this? (“Green Warriors: Indonesia, the World’s Most Polluted River”)
  • The Ark of Light and Shadows: What director Jan Svatoš discovered when he looked into the story of the rebels from Kansas who were there at the birth of filming the wild.

A catalogue of films, details of films, interviews with the makers and the festival programme will soon be available at www.lsff.cz. Up-to-date information is also published at the festival Facebook page.

The Life Sciences Film Festival will take place between 15th and 19th October at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, with the Food Film Festival section being staged at the National Library of Technology (www.foodfilmfest.cz) on 27th October.

Dramatic advisers watched over 1,300 films from 86 countries to be able to select 40 documentary films for visitors to LSFF. A total of 22 films will compete for prizes awarded by individual faculties and for the LSFF Grand Prix, together with prize money of EUR 3,000.

The festival is being organised by the Czech University of Life Sciences and Harvest Films, z. s. Competing films and informative films are screened in the Round Hall at the Czech University of Life Sciences. All films on the festival programme can be screened individually during the festival at the university’s Study and Information Centre. You will find an overview of all films being screened this eighth year in the online catalogue of films. Admission to all films and accompanying events is free.