Alumni garden party

What is the nicest month at CZU? Most participants of the Alumni garden party would agree on the month of June. CZU rector, Prof. Jiří Balík, CSc., dr.h.c., greeted the alumni at 13:00 on the blossoming central square of the CZU campus and subsequently everyone dispersed around the campus to enjoy various events and performances, such as concerts given by the CZU Life Orchestra, JP Blues Band and Gojda’s Ghosts. Other took part in guided visits of the laboratories and lecture halls of their alma mater.

Alumni, who came to the garden party together with their children, had the opportunity to visit the CZU trial farm house, where children could ride ponies, pat sheep and lamas. Many also took advantage of the open access to the roofs of the newly built University Environmental Centre II and the Forestry Products Pavilion, to admire the breath taking panorama of Prague from our campus. Others visited the university mini brewery to enjoy the cooling atmosphere a taste our university beer.

The garden party programme included the projection of several primed documentary films from the yearly Life Sciences Film Festival, organised by CZU, including a six minutes documentary about CZU scientists who built an automated field robot using GIS. The film was entitled “Gentle Machines”.

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