SENOSEČ 2017: Hundreds of rescued animals, new versions of a mobile app and prevention practices

A new version of the Senoseč online mobile app with new profiles for farmers and gamekeepers developed by the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Czech University of Life Sciences will help to save animals during haymaking more efficiently.

Minister Richard Brabec and representatives of CZU introduced the new version of the mobile application together with new preventive measures for procedures during haymaking at the University Farm Estate Lány. The joint CZU and MoE project has been running successfully for the third year. Last year alone, it was possible to save a total of 553 animals thanks to the app. A total of 403 animals have already been rescued at the beginning of this season.

“The Senoseč online project is clearly bearing fruit, as it inspires the public and professionals, encourages the development of new technologies and the development of new prevention practices, for example using drones with thermal imaging. Three years ago, together with CZU, we gave the public, gamekeepers, and agricultural businesses a communication tool that allowed them to reduce the terrible numbers of animals killed each year during haymaking. There have been over 400 rescued animals in the first part of the season. Thousands of volunteers are being joined by registered agricultural enterprises, of which there are 439 this year, twice as many as last year. And there are almost four hundred gamekeeping associations,” says Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec with regard to the development of the Senoseč project.

Thanks to the SENOSEC.CZU.CZ portal and the activity of many other project partners, deeper cooperation was established between volunteers, gamekeepers and farmers. = “The CZU University Farm Estate Lány is an example for a wide professional public. Today, in collaboration with other project partners, CZU has partial results from the research on how to successfully use drones with thermal imaging with a focus on haymaking. During this year’s prevention, 250 hectares of alfalfa hay were cut and 6 new-born roe deer were rescued, and at least another 20 adult animals were frightened away. What helped significantly during both prevention and research was the use of drones with a thermal camera and the use of the web portal. The rescuing of every little animal leads to maintaining a healthy population and a healthy gene pool of a given species in the Czech Republic,” explains CZU Vice Rector doc. Ing. Petr Heřmánek, Ph.D.

“Last year’s version of the mobile application now has a new and better successor that allows for direct entering of the date of haymaking and preventive actions for farmers and gamekeepers anywhere in the field. For this season, we have also improved the web portal that is linked to the mobile application. We extended the options for registration of drone participants who can be contacted to participate in preventive actions with their equipment. Additionally, volunteers can receive an evaluation from the organizer for their help in the field in the form of a raised thumb, and volunteers can evaluate the organized event via a cloverleaf, or verbally,” says Jan Bartoška, head of the Senoseč project at the CZU Faculty of Economics and Management.

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