Medium-chain Fatty Acids Reduce Bacterial Contamination

Several strategies can be used to reduce the risk of infection, including the addition of substances with antimicrobial effects to feed. The use of medium-chain fatty acids, i.e. chemicals commonly found in milk, proved to be successful. These acids are also abundantly represented e.g. in palm or coconut oil. The scientists from the CZU successfully tested the antibacterial effects against the representatives of both the Salmonella and Campylobacter genera. The results of the experiments have shown that a reduction in the number of bacteria takes effect both with the addition of fatty acids to the feed of experimentally infected broiler chickens and with the surface treatment of the poultry intentionally contaminated with the bacteria.

Contact: doc. MVDr. Eva Skřivanová, Ph.D.

Hovorkova, Petra; Skrivanova, Eva 2015: Use of Caprylic Acid in Broiler Chickens: Effect on Campylobacter jejuni. FOODBORNE PATHOGENS AND DISEASE 12 (8),712-718.

Skrivanova, Eva; Hovorkova, Petra; Cermak, Ladislav; et al. 2015: Potential Use of Caprylic Acid in Broiler Chickens: Effect on Salmonella Enteritidis. FOODBORNE PATHOGENS AND DISEASE 12 (1), 62-67.

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