Czexpats beer in Prague

We invite you to an informal meeting of scientists who work in the Czech Republic and also have foreign experience. Come and share your experiences!

If you are a scientist with foreign experience and you want to share your experiences with other colleagues, come on June 21, 2022, at 6 pm for a beer and a chat in the reading room on the Hybernská Campus (Hybernská 4, building C) in Prague 1. An informal meeting of scientists will take place here and you will exchange experiences from your stay abroad, you will be inspired by the stories of other participants, or you can also establish some interesting cooperation. The whole event is organized by the Czexpats in Science group with the support of the Hybernská Campus.

The goal of the Czexpats in Science group is to connect Czech scientists abroad with each other and also with scientists and scientific institutions in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, this group helps scientists abroad with an orientation in the environment of Czech science, facilitates the return of scientists to the Czech environment and provides scientists who have lived abroad for a long time with the opportunity to positively inspire and influence Czech science. Other activities of this group include supporting the mobility of Czech researchers, mainly by sharing experience and information.

Details of this meeting together with registration can be found here.

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