Navigating Brussels

Information on European programmes that are supporting research and innovation, practical tips on how to write projects, meeting with consultants, scientific lobbyist and European MPs –  this and more was offered during a three days seminar with workshops, organised in Brussels by the ELLS  (Euroleague for Life Sciences) member universities project centres.

The participants were mainly experienced PhD students and young PostDocs. The seminar took place between June 25th and 27th in Brussels, and the attendees, including three participants from CZU, were particularly interested in practical workshops, which focused on the preparation phase, before submitting a project. The workshops were led by experts from ELLS universities, i.e. Wageningen University, University of Copenhagen, BOKU Vienna, who have had many successful applications for project funding. They specifically described the preparation of the COST and MSCA projects, and also informed participants about ERC grants, as well as submission of projects by consortia.

Participants from CZU appreciated the opportunity to work with colleagues interested in the same area of project management. A visit to the Czech Science & Research Centre (CZELO) at the European Parliament and European Commission, was also very much appreciated. The trip to Brussels for CZU participants was organised by CZU Department of Strategy. The seminar was a great success. Most likely it will take place also next year.

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