New e-learning courses for Horizon Europe

Additional online courses have been published by the NCP international group for the Horizon Europe program and they are devoted to the basic principles of the functioning of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and its Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs).

As part of the courses, it is possible to become familiar with the basic conditions of participation in Horizon Europe projects, eligibility conditions for funding, and the role of the coordinator and other partners in the project, including third parties. The courses are designed with newly nominated NCPs in mind but are also available to the wider public and are a useful source of information for those interested in participating in Horizon Europe projects. The courses contain lectures, videos, links to sources of additional information and test questions to verify the acquired knowledge.

Currently available courses:

  • European Union for Beginners
  • HORIZON EUROPE – about the Programme
  • From topic idea to proposal submission
  • Participants in HE projects
  • EIT crash course for NCPs
  • Welcome to your new life as an NCP
  • Ethics in Research and Research Integrity

 You can register for the courses here and you can watch them at any time. The courses are available for free.

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