The CHIST-ERA Open Research Data call has been opened

This call aims to create conditions for research in any field based on open or shared data and software. While CHIST-ERA is primarily focused on the field of ICT research, the ORD call focuses on the field within ICT, at its interface, and beyond.

In this call, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic will support Czech companies and research organizations, which must meet both the international rules common to applicants from all participating countries and the national rules set by the provider. Project proposals can be submitted by international project consortia consisting of at least three eligible independent partners who apply for funding from at least three different participating countries. Other partners from other countries can be part of the consortium if they secure their funding.

 List of countries and providers involved in the challenge:

Belgium (F.R.S.-FNRS, FWO), Brazil (CNPq), Czech Republic (TA CR), France (ANR), Lithuania (LMT), Luxembourg (FNR), Poland (NCN), Romania (UEFISCDI), Slovakia (SAS), Switzerland (SNSF), Turkey (TÜBITAK), United Kingdom (UKRI).

 The total allocation for the call is EUR 500,000 and the deadline for submitting project proposals is 14 December 2022.

 More information can be found here.

 Source: Technological Agency of the Czech Republic

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