The success of the Czech Republic in the Horizon Europe program

As of July 2022, 129 closed and fully evaluated calls for project proposals are registered in the eCORDA database. A total of 25,320 eligible project proposals were sent to these calls, with a total of €53.3 billion in requested EU contributions (which is more than half the budget of the entire Horizon Europe programme).

A total of 13,901 eligible project proposals (54.9% of submitted proposals) exceeded the quality threshold. Only 3,997 eligible project proposals were selected for funding, resulting in an overall success rate of eligible project proposals of 15.8%, which is higher than at the start of the H2020 program (12%).

Research institutions from the Czech Republic participated in the preparation of 1,165 eligible project proposals, which were submitted through 87 calls for project proposals. The total requested contribution for the Czech research teams in these project proposals reached €596.6 million. 233 project proposals with Czech participation were proposed for financing. The success rate of these project proposals reached 20.0%. Almost 63% of eligible project proposals with Czech participation were classified as high-quality proposals above the threshold value.

From the given data, it can be seen that the success rate of project proposals with Czech participation is higher than the overall success rate of project proposals in the Horizon Europe program. Also, the ratio of high-quality project proposals with Czech participation is higher than the total ratio of above-threshold project proposals in the entire Horizon Europe program.

Source: Technology Centre CAS

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