Mechanism and strategies of generational transmission of family memory in the selected social groups (Czech Science Foundation)

Investigator: PhDr. Sandra Kreisslová Ph.D. (PEF)
Budget: total 107,20 thousand EUR,  CZU 33,13 thousand EUR
Time solutions: 2016–2018

The project is focused on mechanisms and strategies of transmission of family memory in three-generation families from four social groups. The key to selection of the groups is the fact that a significant historical event of the 20th century, i.e. self-imposed or forced international migration, fundamentally affected lives of members of the most aged generation (whether they migrated themselves or had to cope with migration in their milieu). Groups of Germans in the Czech Republic and of displaced Germans from the Czech Republic were selected, as well as those of Czechs living in Croatia and of Czech re-migrants from

Croatia. Research of generational transmission will focus on participants' perception of significant historical events in diachronic and synchronic perspectives, on cultural memory of these groups (discourses created by elites of these groups, rituals), and how it influences the family memory. Results will be subsequently compared across the observed groups. The research is based on qualitative methods.

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