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General Information

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) is a public university, established by Act No.111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institution.


As early as 1776, lectures in agricultural economics were introduced at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague. The Chair of Agricultural Economy was located at the Czech Polytechnics, on the basis of an Imperial Decree issued on 17 December 1812. First lectures in forestry sciences were launched in autumn 1848.
On 26 October 1906 a College of of Agricultural Sciences was established at the Czech Technical University (CTU).  Professor Stoklasa, an eminent expert in plant breeding and plant genetics, was appointed as the first Dean of the College. In those days university studies lasted four years. Graduates received an engineer-agronomist degree (Ing.). Since its beginning the College was very active. However, the tragic events of World War I temporarily slowed down its development. With the foundation of an independent Czecholslovak State in 1918, a new chapter started in the development of the College of Agricultural Sciences.
Post WWI reforms in Czechoslovakia led to changes in the CUT structure. In 1920 the College of Agricultural was restructered ot become the College of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering (VSZL). For a few years it was situated in a large mansion in Prague's Vinohrady district.  In 1936  the College of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering (VSZL) moved to new premises built for this purpose in Prague's Dejvice dictrict. During Nazi occupation (1939-1945) all Czecholsovak universities were closed.
After the takeover of a communist government in Czechoslovalia in 1948, the College of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, previously part of the Czech Technical University in Prague, was established by a Socialist Government Decree of  8 July 1952, as a State university - the University of Agriculture in Prague. On the one hand the generous socialist state support of agricultural education was positive. On the other hand the political character of the climate and the education of experts, to meet the needs of collectivisation, should not be overlooked, particularly when the effect on the national economy proved to be at least dubious in historical retrospect. Up to about 1959 the University included Faculties which were aimed at materializing the new agricultural policy. The Faculty of Forestry remained as part of the Czech Technical University (1952-1959), and after a transition period, under the administration of the University of Agriculture, it was transformed into a Scientific Institute of Forestry. in 1964
In the 1960´s the University developed step by step. The fourth faculty of the University started work at České Budějovice in the academic year 1960-61. In the first half of the 1960´s the entire University of Agriculture in Prague moved into the newly built campus at Suchdol in the Prague outskirts. It should be noted that the campus is still under continuing construction and the original intention of establishing a respectable centre of education for several thousand students had been generous from the very beginning.
From 1952 the studies were a five-year course while the new Act on Schools of Higher Learning 39/1980 Coll. changed the period of studies to four years. Since 1990 the full course study time has again been changed to take five years, and in 1993 the three-year Bachelor Degree studies were introduced. Since 1998, in line with Act 111/1998 Coll. a two-tier study system has been introduced at all faculties of the University. In 1990 the Faculty of Forestry was restored completely and became an integral part of the University. In 1997 the Faculty of Forestry moved into its own newly constructed building within the University campus.

On 1 January 1995 the University of Agriculture in Prague was renamed as the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. In 1998, in accordance with the governmental act 111/1998 Coll., the Czech University of Agriculture became a public university, with a great deal of autonomy in matters related to development of new study programmes (including study programmes taught entirely in English), voting of new Rectors by the university Academic Senate, and overall autnomy for development of infrastructure and new strategic plans, including membership in relevant international university networks and consortia. In 2007 the English name of the university was changed to Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.
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