Russian Studies in Real Russia: Final Call

Ural Federal University (Russia) would like to present the Summer Schools on Russian language and culture “Russian Studies in Real Russia”.

This year we have 4 programs in total:  Russian Studies in Real Russia Track-1  Russian Studies in Real Russia Track-2 Russian Walls: Rise and Fall Russian Express 2019 (supported by DAAD for students of German Universities).

The Summer Schools consist of 2 to 4 weeks programs with Russian language crash courses accompanied with cultural programs in Ekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Suzdal, Vladimir, Kazan.

 What do students get?

- 20 hours of Russian language as a foreign language in a week; Open to everybody  with any level of Russian language (?0 – ?2);

- Certificate upon the completion of the course;

- 4 ECTS for students;

- Excursion and visits to the main touristic places of Russia;

- Workshops on Russian culture and traditions;

Deadline: 15th of June. We would be extremely happy to welcome you, your colleagues, your students, and all those interested in Russia, Russian culture and language.


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