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About the Challenge

In the first half of 2019 Wageningen University and Research organizes a student competition ReThink Protein Challenge. We ask students to come up with innovative ideas regarding feeding the world’s population with sustainable proteins and turn them into a thought-through business plans. The Challenge is very open since the solutions can include new protein sources, protein-rich products and technological solutions as well as social interventions, for instance regarding consumer behaviour or new business models, e.g. for the dairy farmers.

It is an international competition: BSc, MSc as well as PhD students are invited to join individually or as a team. To participate one needs to create their profile on the website and submit their first idea. The participants get access to an online platform where they can interact with coaches from business world as well as academia. There is also a possibility to follow entrepreneurship workshops. The Grand Finale of the Challenge is on 27th June 2019 in Wageningen. The deadline for registrations is 10th March.

More information can be found on-line:

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