Cd isotope fractionation after complexation with humic acids

Great accomplishment by our postdoc Gildas Ratié! Our work published in Environmental Science & Technology helped to describe Cd isotope fractionation after its complexation with humic acids! Cadmium isotopes are known to fractionate during complexation with various environmentally relevant surfaces and ligands. Our results highlight the preferential enrichment of light Cd isotopes bound to humic acid, leaving the heavier Cd pool preferentially in solution.

KEYWORDS: cadmium isotopes, humic acid, carboxylic groups, nonspecific binding, electrostatic attractions, cadmium hydration complexes

Ratié G., Chrastný V., Guinoiseau D., Marsac R., Vaňková Z., Komárek M., 2021. Cadmium isotope fractionation during complexation with humic acid. Environmental Science & Technology XX, XXX-XXX. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c00646

Read the paper here.

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