The academic community of the Czech University of Life Sciences has a new professor

On Thursday, 13th June 2024, another member of the academic community of the Czech University of Life Sciences received the appointment decree authorizing the use of the title of professor from the hands of the President of the Republic in Prague's Karolinum. Fresh professor Jan Malaťák heads the Department of Technological Equipment of Buildings of the Faculty of Engineering and received his highest academic degree at the CZU Scientific Board's suggestion in the Energetics field. Hearty congratulations!

Minister of Agriculture Awards for Outstanding Master´s Theses 2024

As part of the Faculty of Economics and Management graduation ceremony, the Minister of Agriculture Award was presented for an excellent Master´s thesis contributing to practice in agriculture, nature conservation, landscape, and natural resources. One work from each faculty was awarded.

The Faculty of Engineering is the queen of the CZU Staff Sports Games even in 2024, defending the championship title

Man is alive not only by science but also by sports and entertainment. This philosophy is fulfilled at the Czech University of Life Sciences at least once a year. For over twenty years, every morning in the middle of May, the sports complex has been filled with academics and university employees, and ceremonial horns announce the beginning of the sports games—this year, with the date of May 16.

Miss Agro 2024: Where beauty, music, and strength meet in the open air!

The 24th year of the popular Miss Agro festival will occur on 14th May 2024 at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Suchdol campus. Admission to the all-day event is free and offers an excellent opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere full of music, beauty, and sporting spirit.

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