Interesting Publications

Photovoltaic Panel of a New Generation

With the current state of solar technology, an important role is played by the development of materials stable in long-term irradiation and temperature changes, which may be used to develop new PV panels. Scientists from the CULS are testing the possibilities of encapsulating panels in silicone gel.

Medium-chain Fatty Acids Reduce Bacterial Contamination

One of the main causes of foodborne infections of humans in developed countries is microbial contamination of chicken meat by enteropathogenic bacteria. For their effective reduction, it is necessary to reduce the number of the campylobacteriosis and salmonellosis bacterial species in the digestive tract of animals, because the content of the digestive tract is the most common source of resulting contamination of the surface of poultry meat.

Forest Soils Are Significantly Binding Carbon

Soil analyses conducted by the scientists from the CULS in the Orlické Mountains have shown that even in young forest soils the content of soil carbon has increased almost tenfold during several decades.

Special Substance Can Cope with Lead in the Soil

Scientists from the CULS are testing a sorbent that would bind lead in contaminated locations where the contaminated soil cannot be extracted and leakage into groundwater is imminent.

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