Interesting Publications

Detrimental effect of drought on maize production

Maize is one of the important food crops in the Czech Republic, its growth and productivity are influenced by climate change.

New tool to predict avian roadkill hotspots in Europe

In this study we elaborate on a forecasting map of potential avian roadkill-risk across Europe.

Evapotraspiration helps to dry timber from fast-growing species

This study deals with the use of evapotranspiration and covering as a means of drying wood.

Development of industry and infrasctructure is the major threat for proboscis monkey at Borneo

Proboscis monkeys, endemic to Borneo, inhabit the fastest-disappearing forest types within the island.

Nanoplastics may interfere with nutrient uptake by plants

Nanosized plastics (nanoplastics) releasing into the wastewater may pose a potential threat to biological nitrogen removal.

Birds diversity and rarity on a restored site

New paper by Moudrý et al. in the Landscape and Urban Planning

Jak to vypadá s budoucnosti tradiční západoafrické dřeviny – Garcinia Kola? a mnohem více zkoumá ve svém článku, který vyšel v aktuálním čísle časopisu Nová Botanika doktorandka FTZ ČZU Anna Maňourová.

Cd isotope fractionation after complexation with humic acids

Great accomplishment in Environmental Science & Technology!

Read our publication here.

Leaching from contaminated soils – non-hazardous or hazardous?

The role of Fe- and Mn-based soil amendments in pollution mitigation

Read our publication here.

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