The academic community of the Czech University of Life Sciences has a new professor

On Thursday, 13th June 2024, another member of the academic community of the Czech University of Life Sciences received the appointment decree authorizing the use of the title of professor from the hands of the President of the Republic in Prague's Karolinum. Fresh professor Jan Malaťák heads the Department of Technological Equipment of Buildings of the Faculty of Engineering and received his highest academic degree at the CZU Scientific Board's suggestion in the Energetics field. Hearty congratulations!

Professor Jan Malaťák is also active in project activities, contributing to solving international and domestic projects. He was the solver, or he currently participates in the solution of research questions in the field of industrial water treatment for its subsequent recycling, application of gasification technologies in the energy use of conifers from bark and calamite mining, production of biofuels from waste animal fats, development of digestive stabilization technology from biogas production using a degradable organic matrix for machine fertilization of the soil, the availability of UCO waste material for its efficient processing into an energy source and other topics in the field of the circular economy.

Author: Lenka Prokopová

Foto: MŠMT

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