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The academic community of the Czech University of Life Sciences has a new professor

On Thursday, 13th June 2024, another member of the academic community of the Czech University of Life Sciences received the appointment decree authorizing the use of the title of professor from the hands of the President of the Republic in Prague's Karolinum. Fresh professor Jan Malaťák heads the Department of Technological Equipment of Buildings of the Faculty of Engineering and received his highest academic degree at the CZU Scientific Board's suggestion in the Energetics field. Hearty congratulations!

Minister of Agriculture Awards for Outstanding Master´s Theses 2024

As part of the Faculty of Economics and Management graduation ceremony, the Minister of Agriculture Award was presented for an excellent Master´s thesis contributing to practice in agriculture, nature conservation, landscape, and natural resources. One work from each faculty was awarded.

The Faculty of Engineering is the queen of the CZU Staff Sports Games even in 2024, defending the championship title

Man is alive not only by science but also by sports and entertainment. This philosophy is fulfilled at the Czech University of Life Sciences at least once a year. For over twenty years, every morning in the middle of May, the sports complex has been filled with academics and university employees, and ceremonial horns announce the beginning of the sports games—this year, with the date of May 16.

Miss Agro 2024: Where beauty, music, and strength meet in the open air!

The 24th year of the popular Miss Agro festival will occur on 14th May 2024 at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Suchdol campus. Admission to the all-day event is free and offers an excellent opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere full of music, beauty, and sporting spirit.

CZU confirmed its leading position in the QS World University ranking

The QS agency published this year's ranking of the world's universities according to their location in the subject areas. In the main of the five subject areas, "Life Sciences and Medicine," CZU saw a shift of approximately 100 places higher, ranking 401st-450th.

The National Food Collection at CZU from April 8th

At the Czech University of Life Sciences, we already demonstrated generosity and solidarity in the autumn when we collected a total of 171 kg of food and pharmaceutical goods. We would like to invite our employees, students and the public to try to repeat this success and contribute to the spring round of the National Collection.

An even better campus? CZU announces Ideathon 2024

Hundreds to thousands of students, employees at CZU, and visitors pass through the campus daily. Its further development, which will be in accordance with a sustainable approach and with an emphasis on promoting biodiversity, represents a great challenge. Now, students can also participate in the campus development and propose a functional solution within the framework of the two-day Ideathon.

New unique study program at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague: Enter the world of veterinary medicine

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague presents a new follow-up Master's study program, Veterinary Assistant – Specialist, of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, focused on three primary areas of veterinary medicine. The program was created in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague, specifically with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Professor Jiří Mareček, a legend of Czech landscape architecture, has died

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that Professor Jiří Mareček (*3rd June 1930, †26th January 2024) died at the age of nearly 94 on Friday, 26th January. He was a great teacher, expert, and person, a legend in the field of garden and landscape architecture. 

Consultations for students and employess even during the exam period

The exam period is underway, and the summer semester will soon begin. For more challenging situations that each of us may find ourselves in, the team from the CZU Counselling Centre offers consultations to students and employees of CZU, even during the exam period.

We commemorate the 55th anniversary of unprecedented human and civic bravery

On 16th January 1969, Jan Palach, a student of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, set himself on fire in protest against the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops controlled by the then Soviet Union and concessions by the Czechoslovak government to the occupiers, who died three days later as a result of severe burns.

Increased security measures continue to apply during the examination period

Based on today's meeting on security at universities with the rectors, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, and the Police of the Czech Republic, and at the same time, based on the daily meetings of the CZU Crisis Management Team, additional measures were taken to ensure security on the CZU campus.

Statement of the CZU Rector on the tragic event at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Dear Students and Employees of CZU,

In response to today's tragic event at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, I wanted to ask you to consider your possible presence at the university on Friday, 22nd December 2023. Although we have no information about a direct threat on the CZU campus, at the university, we have activated the relevant articles of the preventive security plan to prevent the repetition or imitation of such incidents as much as possible.

Join the National Food Collection as part of GIVING TUESDAY

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague also supports the National Food Collection on the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of Generosity and Good Deeds Giving Tuesday. You can also participate in the autumn round through the company fundraiser. Not only food is needed, but also drugstore goods.

International Students' Day and Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy

The Czech University of Life Sciences commemorates International Students' Day and the 34th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. These two key events are connected by their historical relevance and commitment to the values of freedom, education, and a society based on democratic principles.

CZU commemorates the 105th anniversary of the founding of independent Czechoslovakia

The creation of independent Czechoslovakia on 28th October 1918 was an important historical milestone that laid the foundations of a free and democratic state. The 105th anniversary of this event also reminds us of other values that are key to our university, i.e., education, innovation and sustainability.

The traditional fish harvest of Vyžlovka pond will be an experience for both young and old this year

On Saturday, 4th November, CZU Forests (Lesy ČZU) is organizing a traditional fish harvest at Vyžlovka pond (Vyžlovský rybník). Visitors can expect an exciting spectacle and the possibility of buying fresh fish and entertainment for the whole family.

Declaration of CZU on the support of the token strike

Declaration of the Czech University of Life Sciences on the support of the token strike prepared by the University Trade Union and the actions of the Hour of Truth initiative to support adequate financing of tertiary education.

Forget boring science movies! Festival which is taking place at CZU, will entertain you. It will offer 12 amazing premieres

Science documentaries, discussions, lectures and festival atmosphere. Come and experience the Prague Science Film Fest in the CZU Ceremony Hall (Aula).

CZU International Scientific Board Meeting

The university premises in Kostelec nad Černými lesy hosted the CZU International Scientific Board (ISB) meeting in the last week of September.

The European Sustainable Development Week at the CZU

A pan-European festival of events to support sustainability

September 18 to October 10, 2023

ČZU at the exhibition Země živitelka

In the spirit of the exhibition's subtitle "On the way to sustainability", the university has prepared a rich programme for experts and the general public.

Fifty-five years ago, the Prague Spring was followed by a long autumn

More than half a century has passed since the invasion and subsequent occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops. The events of 1968 affected the whole of society, including university life.

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