New unique study program at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague: Enter the world of veterinary medicine

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague presents a new follow-up Master's study program, Veterinary Assistant – Specialist, of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, focused on three primary areas of veterinary medicine. The program was created in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague, specifically with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

The graduate of the program will be employed mainly as a veterinarian's assistant at specialized care workplaces (veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, university clinics) focused on advanced laboratory and instrumental diagnostics or therapy, as a veterinary care assistant in the breeding of farm and pet animals, as well as laboratory animals, zoos and animal rescue stations and, last but not least, as a veterinary assistant focused on the performance of specified competencies (welfare, one health, etc.) in state administration bodies (e.g., SVA MA etc.)

"The program that we accredited should raise the level of veterinary care, especially in the area that the graduates will be experts in imaging methods and advanced diagnostics in general, during which they will be able to operate even demanding and costly devices and thus become indispensable assistants to the veterinarian. Veterinary medicine is developing dynamically, which is why it needs professionals who can reflect the most modern trends in diagnostics," states Prof. MVDr. Miroslav Svoboda, CSc. guarantor of the study program and adds: "The study program guarantees the expertise and quality of veterinary care in its entire scope. It is proven that a comprehensive approach to the patient improves the prognosis of the disease by up to 40 %."

The program is characterized by an emphasis on practice at the university and in veterinary clinics and hospitals here and abroad. Students will also have the opportunity to gain extensive practical experience since clinical veterinarians and other specialists are involved in the teaching. This internship will allow students to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in the field.

This is the first and so far the only program at CZU that offers the possibility of obtaining the Mgr. respectively MSc., which opens the door to a wide range of career opportunities for graduates.

The Master's study program is suitable as a follow-up study for FAFNRZ Veterinary Assistant bachelor's program graduates or applicants with a bachelor's degree in biology. This program is also accredited in English, and its teaching is being prepared for next year.

The Master's degree program Veterinary Assistant - Specialist represents a significant contribution to veterinary education in the Czech Republic and offers an opportunity for all those who want to specialize in key and perspective areas of veterinary medicine.



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