An even better campus? CZU announces Ideathon 2024

Hundreds to thousands of students, employees at CZU, and visitors pass through the campus daily. Its further development, which will be in accordance with a sustainable approach and with an emphasis on promoting biodiversity, represents a great challenge. Now, students can also participate in the campus development and propose a functional solution within the framework of the two-day Ideathon.

They have a choice of three topics:

  • Sustainable mobility
  • Sustainable cultural events
  • An educational trail through a sustainable campus - blue-green infrastructure

How can I get involved? Students propose a 2-5 member team and register it for the competition. If it is not possible to form a team, it is possible to register for the competition as an individual.

Registrations are open until April 6, 2024, and places are limited, so we recommend you apply as soon as possible.

What can be won? In total, CZK 60,000 will be distributed among the teams. The prize will also include an interesting excursion and a Certificate of placement in the competition.

More information and the possibility to register is available on the website:

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