CZU International Scientific Board Meeting

The university premises in Kostelec nad Černými lesy hosted the CZU International Scientific Board (ISB) meeting in the last week of September.

The ISB meeting takes place at least once per calendar year, while the management of CZU brings valuable international feedback from recognized experts. The Vice-Rectors of CZU presented to the ISB the shift in individual strategic management areas.

"The ISB members were very interested in the year-on-year improvement in the rating of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague in international rankings, especially in the context of the CZU strategy and the strategy in the field of science and research. An interesting discussion also took place on the strategy of gender equality, especially in relation to project activities at the European and national levels. The members of the ISB were also presented with the newly approved criteria for the habilitation procedure or the procedure for the appointment of professors, which was discussed already last year," summarizes the course of the session Prof. Petr Valášek, Vice-Rector for Quality of Academic Activities.

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