Celebrating Easter Czech Style: A Fun Get-Together at the Welcome Centre for International Scholars

On a sunny Friday afternoon on 22nd March, amidst the anticipation of the approaching Easter season, the Welcome Centre for International Scholars came alive with the vibrant energy of diverse cultures converging. International scholars and some PhD students gathered together to celebrate Easter in a uniquely Czech way, immersing themselves in traditions, flavors, and camaraderie. Even our youngest researchers (the children of our researchers) could enjoy our Easter festivities.

The event wasn't just about indulging in delicious Easter treats like Mazanec, Beránek, and Velikonoční nádivka that were prepared by the Welcome Centre team members. It was also a great chance to meet new friends and hang out with colleagues. The Welcome Centre had planned lots of cool activities for everyone to try.

The main focus was on the traditional methods of coloring eggs, known as Kraslice in Czech. Under the guidance of Ms. Iva, we had the opportunity to learn the intricate art of coloring Kraslice with wax, a technique steeped in centuries-old tradition. Many participants gave it a try and created some beautiful and colorful eggs. There were also other activities, like gingerbread decoration or crafting of original Easter sticks. 

One of the most interesting parts of the event was the demonstration of the peculiar  Czech Easter tradition of braiding Pomlázka from fresh willow branches. With the help of Ing. Mikuláš Josek, the new Head of the International Relations Office, our international friends learned how to intricately weave together eight willow branches and adorn them with colorful ribbons.

Towards the end, there was a presentation explaining the significance of each Easter tradition, providing insight into the Czech culture. Following the presentation, everybody participated at a quiz with great Easter prizes awaiting the winners.

It was a fantastic day full of fun and new experiences! All the participants had a great time, and they had the opportunity to take home many handcrafted treasures. We hope that this get-together has served everyone to better understand the Czech Easter traditions and that it will help them to enjoy even more their time spent in this beautiful country.




Author: Alena Gentile

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