Opening the new year with a cultural event: opera Don Giovanni

My Praguers understand me,“ said Mozart, and indeed they did.

When Mozart presented in Prague for the first time his opera The Marriage of Figaro, the city welcomed it with enthusiasm. On January 18, 1787, he gave the premiere concert of his Symphony in D major, which is now called the o„Prague Symphony“.

On October 29, 1787, Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni premiered in Prague, at the Estates Theatre, where it was received with great reviews and people loved it. The full title of this piece reads Il dissoluto punito ossia Il Don Giovanni (The Rake Punished, or Don Giovanni), and the German writer and ardent admirer of Mozart E. T. A. Hofmann branded it the „opera of operas“. It is said that Mozart’s masterpiece was written for Prague and it signed one of the most significant moments in Prague’s cultural history.

This is one of the reasons why the Welcome Centre organized its first cultural event of the new year with a visit to the Estates Theater to see this two-act opera, based on a legendary fictional character called „Don Juan“, who is a seducer and libertine. This time, the adaptation of Don Giovanni was created by the Swedish-Norwegian director Alexander Mork-Eidem and the German conductor and Mozart specialist Karsten Januschke.

Together with a group of our researchers, we have enjoyed the evening’s unforgettable musical performance. The Welcome Centre is already looking forward to the next events, which will introduce our international colleagues to the culture in the Czech Republic.



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