The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) and the Zhejiang Ocean University (ZJOU) have signed a memorandum of understanding.

On Friday, the 22nd of March, representatives of both universities discussed further possibilities in collaboration. Both sides expressed their interest in shared research in the fields of fishery and food science. 

First and foremost, the ZJOU delegation was welcomed by prof. PhDr. Michal Lošťák, Ph. D., First Vice-Rector and Vice-Rector for International Relations of CZU, who also briefly introduced his university.  ZJOU was represented by Yan Xiaojun, the Chairman of the School Council and an Academician of the Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Wang Jinbao, the Director of the Department of International Affairs and the Dean of International Marine Education School, and Zhang Yuexing, the Assistant dean of Marine Science and Technology School.  

After a brief discussion, both sides collectively approved the proposals and signed the memorandum of understanding. The visit, however, did not end only with their signatures and exchange of gifts. The representatives of CZU also presented the activities of their university. Ing. Mikuláš Josek, the Head of the International Relations Office of CZU, presented a general overview of the university, while doc. Ing. Pavel Klouček, the Head of the Department of Food Science of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, and Ing. Miloslav Petrtýl, Ph.D, from the Department of Zoology and Fisheries, FAFNR, presented the activities of their respective departments.  

Shortly after the official meeting, both delegations visited the Department of Food Science FAFNR and the Food Processing and Training Centre of CZU. The ZJOU delegation was impressed by the advanced research and practical training site facilities. In the end, both sides bade their farewell with the hope of a new era of increased collaboration in the exchange of academics and students in food and fisheries sciences and scientific progress arising from that. 

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