Training Course: 3in1 Project; 28. August - 5. September 2021

Youth workers will join the training course in Aydin (Turkey). Participants will increase their knowledge, skills, and experiences over innovative trends, and will give a contribution to improve the capacity of youth work and youth organizations.  


27 youth workers from 9 different countries, 3 facilitators and 3 trainers, 33 people in total will be involved in the project.  


Experiential learning methods will be used in the project which will be realised with participants from Turkey, Armenia, Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, and Spain.  


The main activity of our project is a training course to be organized with non-formal and informal learning techniques. The main themes of the training course for youth workers are youth (inclusion, youth work, youth policy) and recognition (informal and informal learning/credits). Within the scope of these themes, trends such as plogging, upcycling, and gamification will be discussed, and practices will be implemented to diversify youth work.  




- learning innovative trends and disseminating good practices among youth workers and youth organizations 

- supporting the personal, social, and professional development process of youth workers? 

- Increasing the capacity of youth organizations 

- designing activities and organizations that will attract the attention of young people 



- should have a minimum of 1-year youth work experience as a youth worker 

- should have basic knowledge about project themes 

- are expected to be prone to non-formal education methods 

- must join all sessions all training course long 

- working language is English; participants should communicate with others actively 

- there is no age limit, but the participants should be over 18 years old 



- each participant will get 275 EUR for travel costs.  

- there is no participation fee; accommodation, food and activity costs will be covered by the project  


Apply here!


Application deadline: 07. July 2021 

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