Erasmus traineeship in the USA and the UK

Erasmus opens its doors to the CZU most prioritised countries outside the Erasmus programme countries – the United States of America and the United Kingdom
Take advantage of this unique opportunity and go for a long-term traineeship through the Erasmus+ programme to one of these two countries.


What is needed to apply?

  • Find an institution that will accept you for a long-term traineeship and obtain preliminary approval and preliminary content for your traineeship.
    • Preliminary approval by e-mail is sufficient.
    • The content of your traineeship should describe the activities you will do as part of the traineeship.
  • Complete the Online Application (see the link below)

Duration of traineeship:

  • The minimum duration of the traineeship is 2 months.
  • The maximum duration of the traineeship is 4 months.

Financial support:

  • Financial support to the USA is €700/month.
  • Financial support to the UK is €750/month.

  • The maximum number of supported students is 8. 

Application deadline and traineeship deadline:

  • Online Application is open from March 21, 2024 to April 25, 2024.
  • After the closing, applicants will be invited to an online interview.
    • If there are fewer than 10 applicants, a second round of applications will be opened.
  • The traineeship must take place at any time between 1.6.2024 and 31.12.2024.

What can be a receiving institution?

  • Company, non-profit organisation, farm, laboratory, agricultural association, student organisation, research institute, university, etc.
    • In the case of a university, it is necessary to conclude an inter-university agreement before your traineeship; therefore, expect the extension of the administrative process.

The Online Application

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