KRECon 2022 Conference

The KRECon 2022 Conference is organized by the National Library of Technology (NTK) and is part of the accompanying events of the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU.

This year's conference is dedicated to one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the Czech Republic which is to improve the efficiency and quality of doctoral training.

The intention is to bring together international and national experts, and other relevant actors in the Higher Education and R&D&I sector and provide them with a platform for discussion on new, not yet settled topics (at least in the Czech Republic) and possibly open provocation questions.

Within three sessions and linked panel discussions we would like to discuss:

  • Session 1: Effective Doctoral Schools
  • Session 2: Research Careers in and beyond Academia
  • Session 3: Good Practices for Doctoral Training
  • Panel Discussion: The Future of Doctoral Training

Intended audience:

  • All professional and support staff whose main activity is directly related to doctoral education.
  • Academics, senior research staff and early-career researchers (doctoral candidates, postdocs, junior researchers, …).
  • Higher education and research institution management (rectors, vice-rectors for research, deans, directors / vice-directors of research institutes/doctoral schools, …)
  • Governmental policy makers responsible for Higher Education and R&D&I.
  • Non-governmental organisations involved in data gathering, career tracking, consulting ect.

The KRECon 2022 conference and workshops are free of charge.
More information can be found in this link and you can register for the conference and workshops here. 

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