Evapotraspiration helps to dry timber from fast-growing species

This study deals with the use of evapotranspiration and covering as a means of drying wood. The principle is based on the fact that tree species with outstanding sprouting capacities are able to leaf after being felled and are physiologically active as long as they have enough water. The course of wood drying (the stems) was examined in relation to their subsequent foliage creation and ongoing evapotranspiration, and how those factors related to other factors (climatic factors, storage). The experiment was realized with two fast-growing tree species (special clones): Hybrid poplar (Populus maximowiczii A. Henry x Populus nigra L. 'Max 4-5') and Salix x smithiana Willd. (Salix caprea L. and Salix viminalis L.). In the case of poplar wood samples, the presence of roof cover significantly affects the rate of moisture content decrease in wood samples. Wood samples dried slower under the roof. The buds left on the stems probably accelerate the drying process in case of poplar samples. Willow wood samples were in terms of rate of moisture content decrease in four experimental variants indifferent. Presence of roof or buds had no significant effect on the rate of sample moisture content decrease. These findings may help achieve more efficient handling of the timber from fast-growing species in relation to their processing and storage.

Štícha, V., Nuhlíček, O., Bubeník, J., Weger, J., Macků, J., Vanická, H., Bažant, V., 2021. Evapotranspiration—Tool for seasoning wood of hybrid poplar (Populus maximowiczii A. Henry × Populus nigra L. ‘Max 4-5’) and Salix × smithiana Willd. (Salix caprea L. and S. viminalis L.). Industrial Crops & Products 162,  113265


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