CZU Open Classes


We invite students of the Euroleague for Life Sciences universities (incl. CZU), students of our other partner universities and all prospective students to join the CZU Open Classes!

Choose a lecture of your interest from the list below, make a quick registration and then just join on the day and time for the online live lecture.



24 classes took place in April and May 2021! Some of the recordings are available under the link below: 

  1. Spatial / Master Planning in the USA - City Beautiful Movement to present day - Peter Kumble
  2. Biotic and abiotic degradation of wood in the exterior - Miloš Pánek
  3. Introduction to Sensory Analysis of Food - Lenka Kouřimská
  4. Bio-materials in composite reinforcement - Rajesh Mishra
  5. Impact of urbanization on water bodies - The urban stream syndrome - Dana Komínková
  6. Landscapes of Compassion - Circular Economy in Guatemala City - Peter Kumble
  7. Integrated agricultural systems - Theresa Piskáčková
  8. Landscape Planning Principles within Landscape Ecology - Evolution and the Paradigm Shift - Peter Kumble
  9. Unmanned Aerial Systems in Environmental Sciences - Jan Komárek
  10. Fish, Seafood and Exotic Products - Khalili Tilami Sarvenaz
  11. Landscape Architecture - Different Modes or Phases of Professional Practice - Peter Kumble
  12. Introduction to evolutionary biology: historical perspective - Jaroslav Čepl
  13. Dietary fats and oils in human nutrition - Khalili Tilami Sarvenaz
  14. Natural fibers: structure, properties and applications - Rajesh Mishra
  15. Introduction to biological invasions - Kateřina Berchová
  16. Bio-inspired nanotechnology - Rajesh Mishra


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