Towards a long-term Africa-EU partnership to raise sustainable food and nutrition security in Africa (H2020)

Investigator: Ing. Radim Kotrba, Ph.D. (FTZ)
Budget: total 1 047,55 thousand EUR, CZU 110,32 thousand EUR
Time solutions: 2015–2017

PROIntensAfrica intends to develop a proposal for a long term research and innovation partnership between Europe and Africa, focusing on the improvement of the food and nutrition security and the livelihoods of African farmers by exploring and exploiting the diversity of pathways to sustainable intensification of African agro-food systems. The exploration will include environmental, economic and social externalities along the whole value chains. PROIntensAfrica has the ambition to formulate a research and innovation agenda, identifying the domains in need for further research to realize the potential of African food systems. In addition, PROIntensAfrica will suggest governance mechanisms that are effective in supporting the partnership

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