Tropentag 2022

Tropentag is an annual international conference on research in tropical and subtropical agriculture and rural development.

Tropentag is jointly organised by the universities of:

Berlin, Bonn, Göttingen, Hohenheim, Kassel, ZALF e.V. (all Germany), Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic), BOKU Vienna (Austria), and the Council for Tropical and Subtropical Research (ATSAF e.V.) in cooperation with the GIZ Advisory Service on Agricultural Research for Development (BEAF).

Tropentag is interdisciplinary, science-based and development oriented. It addresses issues of agriculture, forestry, agroforestry, fisheries, and over-arching topics of natural resources management, environmental and economic sustainability, food security and nutrition in rural development and poverty alleviation worldwide. The conference brings together students, junior and senior scientists, development practitioners, and international research and funding organisations experts.

Tropentag 2022 is organised by the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. All MSc and PhD students, scientists, extension workers, farmers, decision-makers and politicians engaged in agricultural research and rural development in developing/tropical countries and/or countries in transition are cordially invited to participate and actively contribute. We particularly encourage young scientists (MSc and PhD students and PostDocs) to present their work.


Czech University of Life Sciences

Kamýcká 126, 165 00, Prague, Czech Republic

50.13161825974709, 14.37230665600077

Conference theme

Can agroecological farming feed the world? Farmers’ and Academia's view

If current global trends continue, sustained population growth and demands for richer and better-quality diets will require roughly double current crop production. However, current production practices threaten our planet through loss of habitat, wildlife extinction and modification of water cycling, just to name a few. Agriculture is among the most significant contributors to global warming, the thirstiest user of water supplies and the major polluter of groundwater.

The debates on global food production challenges have become polarised, among both scientists and farmers, widening the gap between the advocates of industrial agriculture and global commerce, and the supporters of local food systems and organic farming.

Tropentag 2022 will review recent research results that address these challenges from various points of view, with different approaches. Discussions in plenary and thematic sessions, guided poster tours, and workshops will provide participants with new ideas to enhance our understanding of the potential capacity of agroecology to maintain and restore soil health, conserve biodiversity and adapt to climate changes and help us face future crises, together with meeting the challenge of feeding global populations.

CGIAR Feature Center-of-the-year

In 2022 we spotlight the Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) as our CGIAR feature centre ( AfricaRice is a leading pan-African rice research organisation committed to improving livelihoods in Africa through strong science and effective partnerships. Its mission is to contribute to poverty alleviation and food security in Africa through research, development and partnership activities aimed at increasing the productivity and profitability of the rice sector in ways that ensure the sustainability of the farming environment and, as such, fits well with the overarching topic of Tropentag 2022.

Conference structure

The theme of Tropentag 2022 will be introduced by invited international guest speakers and developed further by keynote speeches in parallel thematic sessions covering the diversity of research fields related to challenges connected to the productivity of agroecological farming on a biological, technical, social, economic, and political level, and ways to overcome these. These aspects will be addressed by both oral presentations and guided poster sessions, and each contribution should highlight its relation to the overarching theme.

The Apéro social evening on Sept 14 and the conference dinner on Sept 15 provide networking, discussion, and exchange opportunities among participants. Post-conference excursions to Prague city centre and other exciting sites will be offered.

Some parts of the conference (keynote and selected parallel thematic sessions) will be available for online participants.

Preliminary programme

Sept 13 pm         Pre-conference workshops

Sept 14 am         Pre-conference workshops

               pm        Opening (1 pm CEST)

                 Keynote session

                 Fiat panis session

                 Parallel thematic oral sessions

                 Apéro social evening

Sept 15 am         Poster sessions

                 Parallel thematic oral sessions

               pm        Parallel thematic oral sessions

                 Poster sessions

                            Conference dinner

Sept 16 am         Poster sessions

Plenary keynote session

Closing (around 2 pm CEST)

Submission procedure

The conference language is English. Abstracts of original research on the featured topic containing 250-350 words must be submitted by May 1, 2022, using the online form at Please ensure that submitted abstracts meet a proper level of quality regarding content and language. A panel of referees will decide on the acceptance of an abstract as a poster or an oral contribution. A programme committee will allocate accepted contributions to interdisciplinary sessions. Acceptance of abstracts will be sent by June 20, 2022. Contributors must confirm their participation by July 15, 2022 and pay their conference fee before August 15, 2022. Poster contributions will be grouped into thematic clusters and addressed in guided poster sessions. All presented contributions will be contained in the Book of Abstracts, print and online.


You may organise your own workshop, specifically tailored to your audience. You may wish to tackle a particular topic, offer capacity building, or gather task forces for projects. The only condition is that your topic should be related to tropical agriculture in the broader sense. Workshops can be offered on Tuesday, Sept 13 from 1-5 pm, Wednesday, Sept 14 from 9-12 am and Friday, Sept 16 from 2-6 pm.

To offer a workshop, please apply and describe its topic and objective and the expected participant number by using the template provided at: Please send your application to no later than May 1, 2022. You will receive feedback on your application no later than June 20, 2022; in case of approval, details such as room allocation and logistics will be individually discussed with the Tropentag management.

Photo competition

The "Let's Plant" non-profit association organises in collaboration with Tropentag 2022 a photo competition on the theme "Visualise the restoration of degraded land through a holistic landscape management approach in the tropics or subtropics"! This includes tree planting, forest and landscape rehabilitation, and of course (poor) people acting in and using such landscapes. Each submission (individual photo or photo story up to ten pictures) should be accompanied with a short text describing the project or idea behind. More information:

Dates and deadlines

Submission of abstracts                                              May 15, 2022

Submission of workshops                                          May 1, 2022

Acceptance of abstracts                                             June 20, 2022

Acceptance of workshops                                          June 20, 2022

Reconfirmation of participation                               July 15, 2022

Early bird payment of conference fees                  August 15, 2022

Conference fees*

                                                                          By August 15                                   Later

Full participants                                                           € 125                                   € 175

PhD candidates                                                            € 75                                     € 100

ATSAF PhD members                                                  € 50                                     € 75

Students                                                                       € 15                                     € 25

Additionally: Conference dinner: € 25

If you wish the printed version of book of abstracts the conference fee is increased by € 5.

*Conference fees applicable for both present and online participants.

Please transfer your conference fee to:

Name: DITSL Witzenhausen

Bank: Sparkasse Werra-Meissner


IBAN: DE68  5225  0030  0000  0651  85

Indicate Your Tropentag ID and your name on the fund transfer.

Organisation and contacts

Lead of organisation team:

prof. Bohdan Lojka (

Tropentag secretariat: Dr. ir. Eric Tielkes

Steinstrasse 19, 37213 Witzenhausen, Germany

Mobile: +49 (0)15 78 78 58 111


Local organisation office:

Olga Leuner (

Office: +420 224382501

For more information, please visit our regularly updated website:

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