We ask applicants for nostrification to send their applications by post or leave them at “Podatelna” (filing room on the ground floor of the Rector's Office building).  Thank you for your understanding.

In order not to lengthen your nostrification process please doublecheck:

  1. that your application is filled in on the computer and signed
  2. that you submit all mandatory documents – well authenticated (roll down) and translated (if needed)


Public universities principally decide on the recognition of foreign university education (private schools do not have this authorization), in a specific case a public university which implements an accredited study programme with similar content. In the event of doubts about the existence of a similar study programme, the competence of the university is determined by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, or it can decide on the recognition on its own. You cannot apply for nostrification at CZU if you do not have at least a bachelor's degree.

The applicants must pay an administrative fee amounting to 3 000 CZK. Possible bank charges are always paid by the applicant. Please make sure CZU receive an accurate amount! You will receive payment details and confirmation of receipt of the nostrification request by email. Please wait for until you are prompted for payments.

IMPORTANT: From April 1, 2024, CZU will not accept any documents for the process of nostrification that are not provided with an original superlegalization label or an apostille. If the competent authority gives labels only on the original of the document, the applicant must submit the original document together with its plain copy. The original document is returned to the applicant upon completion of the process:
  1. personal pick-up at the study department of the relevant faculty after enrollment into the course
  2. sending back to the country of origin – only if the applicant doesn’t come to the Czech Republic (costs are covered by the applicant)!

Information about individual contracts/agreements on mutual validation of equivalence of documents on education and documents on scientific titles and degrees can be found here.

The Rector of CZU in Prague will decide on the validation of foreign university education by the deadline set out by a general regulation on administrative proceedings, which is 30 days from submission, and within 60 days in more complicated cases.


  • Application form completed on the computer and signed.
  • Notarised copy of a foreign university diploma (required verification here).
  • Notarized copy of the official transcript of records (required verification here).
  • In case of a follow-up study program (e.g. Master's study program following a Bachelor's), it is necessary to submit both degrees of education.
  • Officially certified translations are required for all documents whose originals are not issued in Czech, English or Slovak, and therefore must be officially translated into Czech or English by a sworn translator or an Embassy of the Czech Republic abroad. A certified copy of the original must be officially attached to the translation, so that no page can be substituted. The notaries or sworn translators do so. If the documents are issued bilingually and one of the languages is English, it is not necessary to translate the documents.
  • Apostille verification or superlegalization of the diploma and its transcript - depends on the state where the diploma was issued. A list of apostille offices is available at Superlegalization info - the authenticity of signatures and stamps on the original documents must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, where the university which issued the document is located + Czech Embassy in the country, where the university which issued the diploma is located. If there is no Czech Embassy in the country, the nearest representative office will do so (required verification here).
  • Plain copy of the applicant’s passport.
  • Power of Attorney if a person other than graduate is making the request.
  • Marriage certificate, divorce judgment or another document in the event of a name change compared to the name in the study documents. The name in the study documents must match the name in passport.
  • In some cases, we may additionally require proof that the study program was carried out by an institution authorized to provide education comparable to higher education according to the Act on Higher Education Institutions and the Content of Higher Education Abroad (certificate of higher education accreditation, certificate of higher education accreditation), certificate/license on the accreditation of the study program/field).


Bachelor's and Master's level of study

Applications are handled by
Mgr. Petra Cihakova -

Postal address
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Rectorate - Student Affairs Office
Kamycka 129
165 00 Prague - Suchdol
Czech Republic
Doctoral level of study (please note you have PhD already)

Applications are handled by
Ing. Ladislava Prázová, MBA -

Postal address
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Rectorate - Science and Research Office
Kamycka 129
165 00 Prague - Suchdol
Czech Republic

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